Billboard 43 Kiosk

CODE: 43" Billboard

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Robust 43” Billboard Display
Display kiosk 43” LCD Portrait Billboard, Andriod OS, Quad core CPU, Storage 2G, Flash 8G, WIFI, USB and Remote control.
Designed to be used in:
• Retail
• Corporate areas
• Exhibitions
• Reception areas

Multi Touch Software

CODE: SS0100

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Snowflake is an industry leading, award winning, "off the shelf" multi-touch software product with over 20 applications, with API and SDK.

For those who prefer an off the shelf multi-touch software product, thy the Snowflake Suite, the worlds most sophisticated multi-touch software product.

Enjoy the "off the shelf" applications or design your own application.

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Touch Presenter - Information Kiosk Software

CODE: TP0011

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Bring your website "on-site"

Like most businesses you labored over the content of your web site. With TouchPresenter you can bring single pages, the entire website or even a series of websites to your store, university campus, museum, zoo, convention, visitor bureau, and other places with direct customer contact. Safely limit internet surfing to pre-determined allowed web addresses.

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