Lockdown Kiosks


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Our Kiosk Lockdown software acts as a secure kiosk browser. Our software wraps around your application, displaying it full-screen and restricting user access from the OS, desktop and browser.

You can configure our kiosk lockdown software and forget about it. The software will ensure that your application is always up and running, returning to your start page after every use.

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Multi Touch Software

CODE: SS0100

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Snowflake is an industry leading, award winning, "off the shelf" multi-touch software product with over 20 applications, with API and SDK.

For those who prefer an off the shelf multi-touch software product, thy the Snowflake Suite, the worlds most sophisticated multi-touch software product.

Enjoy the "off the shelf" applications or design your own application.

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Safety Management Kiosks


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We work with many of Australia's largest miners as well as many other industries to supply touch screens and touch screen kiosks for use in their safety management. These screens are typically used in:

  • Site Inductions
  • Emergency procedures
  • Safety Management Systems (in particular distibution of controlled documents)
  • Distributing other types of employee information
  • Training and Supervision

Touch Presenter - Information Kiosk Software

CODE: TP0011

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Bring your website "on-site"

Like most businesses you labored over the content of your web site. With TouchPresenter you can bring single pages, the entire website or even a series of websites to your store, university campus, museum, zoo, convention, visitor bureau, and other places with direct customer contact. Safely limit internet surfing to pre-determined allowed web addresses.

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Wayfinding Solutions


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We can provide you with wayfinding solutions for your touch screen kiosks. Solutions are available for:

  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Shopping Centres
  • Office buildings
  • Entertainment complexes & more.

These wayfinding solutions help your customers navigate and save time and money from otherwise lost sales.

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